Tanya MacIntyre SpeakerTanya is passionate about helping people make peace with their stress and live a life full of positivity and purpose.

She is available for speaking opportunities for audiences wanting to learn mindfulness practices and law of attraction techniques to empower their lives in a meaningful way.

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Create a phenomenal & meaningful relationship with yourself

Learning to love yourself is probably one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do in your lifetime. Tanya’s insightful presentation on learning to love yourself begins with her abandonment as a child, her successful broadcasting career despite flunking high-school, her long-term marriage after countless relationship disasters, and her journey to self-acceptance and unconditional love.

Create a phenomenal & meaningful relationship with others

Have you ever felt like a doormat? Are you challenged when it comes to setting healthy boundaries with others? In Tanya’s step-by-step process, you’ll learn how to form relationships (old and new) where you feel valued and appreciated, learn to limit your exposure to friends & family who may have a negative attitude, and learn to have mutually respectful relationships with people you may not even like!

Create a phenomenal & meaningful relationship with media

The agenda of mainstream media is to perpetuate the FUD Factor (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Learn how one defining event in Tanya’s broadcasting career created a lifetime of purpose and how you can benefit from her “A-HA” moment.

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