Sharing Anthologies

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Volume 1: an anthology of women’s stories
Published in December 2013, this volume features 24 writers, a group of women from various walks of life, with different and yet very similar stories to tell … stories of pain, struggle, and courage; healing, hope, and vision … whatever has guided each woman on her journey to healing and wholeness, on all levels.
Volume 2: an anthology of men’s stories
There is an old belief that men are not willing or able to share themselves in a vulnerable way. You will be surprised and deeply moved by the pages of this book, in which 17 men share their personal stories with openness, honesty, and integrity.
Published in November 2014, in commemoration of National Men’s Day.
Volume 3: an anthology of women’s stories
One Thousand Trees was honoured to publish this third volume, the second anthology of women’s stories, in 2015.
Volume 4: an anthology of men’s stories
A much anticipated volume! It took us some time to gather these men’s stories, so we were excited to launch Volume 4 on December 17, 2017.
Volume 5: an anthology of women’s stories
Very excited about this volume! So much courage, vulnerability and strength, all in one place.