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Tanya MacIntyre Your Perpetually Positive PalBeing part of mainstream media for 22 years was, at first, exhilarating. I was a born junkie! A news junkie, that is :).

I breathed news, consumed it at every moment. I excelled at my career as a broadcast journalist for the first 15 years… but then I started to realize that mainstream media has a covert agenda to perpetuate what I like to call the FUD Factor (FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, & DOUBT).

Using sensational headlines and embellished facts are the mandate of mainstream media. Get people hooked on drama & negativity so they’ll be consumed by fear to stay in jobs they hate, relationships that don’t treat them well, and keep buying stuff they don’t need to fill the void they have in their gut from feeling inferior and unworthy.

I had my first “a-ha” moment in 1998 when I was one of the first reporters on the scene of the Swiss Air crash at Peggy’s Cove, NS. I’m from that part of Canada, so returning there under those circumstances was far more bitter than sweet.

I felt like I was walking onto a movie set. The once serene setting of one of the most picturesque places on earth had become a chaotic mass of emergency vehicles & personnel scrambling around.

After covering the carnage & despair for 2 days I had what I can only describe as a mental meltdown. I knew I had to change gears and find something positive in this horrible scenario.

There had been a collective voice among the people I had interviewed over those past 2 days; they all wanted to open their hearts and their homes to the family members who were arriving from overseas to collect what little remained of their loved ones.

I decided to make that my story! When I filed my first report, my news director came on the phone and said, “WTF is this crap!? I want to see the blood & feel the pain!!!”

I remember holding the telephone receiver away from my ear and hearing an audible ‘click’ in my brain that triggered the thought, “I can’t do this anymore.” But I was immediately consumed by fear, uncertainty, and doubt about what I would do for a living if I wasn’t a broadcast journalist. Who would I be? How would I define myself???

I ended up staying in that vocation for another few years, but finally packed it in in 2002 when then President George Bush declared an illegal war on Iraq.

I was then the News Director of a small heritage radio station so thought I had reasonable autonomy over what we were broadcasting. On the day of “shock & awe,” my first broadcast was an interview I had done with the local Director of the Red Cross about what we were doing on a humanitarian level to help all the innocent victims in Iraq.

My boss called me after the first news broadcast and asked, “Where is our war coverage?” I said, “There’s all kinds of it on every other network in the world, and I refuse to perpetuate American propaganda.” He said, “You’d best start looking for another job.” I agreed.

I founded The Good News Only radio show in 2010, after spending 4 years in Mallorca, Spain. I realized there was a direct correlation to being exposed to mainstream media/advertising messages to how I was feeling and thinking.

In Spain, I couldn’t understand the language for the first 2 years, so I was filtered from all the negative messages and I was not only thinking better but also feeling better!

I now dedicate my life to creating and spreading POSITIVITY because I know there are far more GOOD things and GOOD people in the world than bad.

I also know that people are affected negatively by mainstream media and advertising messages that keep telling us that the world is full of treachery and that we are inferior until we buy something or take something to feel better.

Teaching seminars and workshops is another passion of mine because I love to encourage people to be aware of the media they are consuming and to be conscious of consuming media that supports their health and well-being.

We also have a Facebook community that continually grows with socially conscious people who I lovingly call my tribe of “good news ambassadors.”

My marriage of 27 years (in 2018) is blissfully fulfilling, as is my daily life now, so I decided to call myself a Mindfulness Mentor to help people use mindfulness and the Law of Attraction to create a life full of purpose and positivity so they can feel happier and healthier.

When we nurture a positive relationship with ourselves, we can cultivate positive relationships with others. It’s also possible, and necessary, to create a positive relationship with media. When you become the gatekeeper of your mind, and filter out all the negative messages from media, you will feel better — mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My wish for you is to always:
Live Well
Laugh Often
Love Always
Be Mindful
Stay Positive

Your perpetually positive pal,

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