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Your Mindfulness Mentor

Mindfulness Coaching / Law of Attraction

Make Peace with Your Stress

Do you struggle with stress and/or anxiety and are looking for better ways to manage and improve your resiliency?

Whether you’re looking for work/life balance or navigating a major life transition, my Mindfulness Mentorship Program will help you gain clarity and recognize your strengths, capacities and resources.

About Tanya

Tanya dedicates her life to creating and spreading POSITIVITY because there are far more GOOD things and GOOD people in the world than bad.

Read her story of how sensational headlines and embellished facts put her on this path of positivity and practicing mindfulness through the Law of Attraction.


Tanya is passionate about helping people make peace with their stress and live a life full of positivity and purpose. She is available for speaking opportunities for audiences wanting to learn mindfulness practices and law of attraction techniques to empower their lives in a meaningful way.


Radio Shows

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Sonal Raje is a celebrated and award-winning Canadian artist who once found herself so overwrought with grief that she couldn’t pick up her paint brush for 2 years! In this episode of TGNO radio show, Sonal reveals how Expressive Arts can help you develop your intuition and access your inner wisdom.  You can connect with […]

Learning about Leadership from a Meth Addict?!

Brian Fretwell’s TED talk received over half a million views within the first couple of months of being uploaded to YouTube. You’ll be inspired to hear what Brian learned from working in a correctional facility for young offenders… especially how an integral lesson on leadership came from a 15-year old meth addict. You can learn […]

Living an Extraordinary Life

Few of us dare to live extraordinary lives.  Instead, many opt for the safety and security that’s offered via the social constructs of this corporate and capitalist world. In my conversation with Doug “Ten” Rose, you’ll learn why Ten decided to bypass the relative safety of norms to instead avail himself to all manner of […]

Trish Tonaj is Breaking Barriers as the Mentor’s Mentor!

On this episode of The Good News Only radio show you’ll meet Trish Tonaj, a coach practitioner who specializes in breaking barriers!  Tune in as Trish and I chat about the importance of mentorship and how it contributes to success, and how mentorship can also help us overcome the fear factor. You can connect with […]

Positive Ponders

Are You Slave or Master?

In this Positive Ponder I share some tips to become the gatekeeper of your mind.  It’s an older video, so the “media fast” I refer to is now my Mindfulness Manifesto available here. Please remember to like and share so we can continue growing our Universe of Love. Your perpetually positive pal, Tanya

Plug in to the Happiness Formula!

I was excited to learn that there is an actual formula for happiness! Have a listen to my Positive Ponder to find out how you can expand your own happy score.   Please remember to like and share so we can continue growing our Universe of LOVE. Your perpetually positive pal, Tanya