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Make Peace with Your Stress

Do you struggle with stress and/or anxiety and are looking for better ways to manage and improve your resiliency?

Whether you’re looking for work/life balance or navigating a major life transition, my Mindfulness Mentorship Program will help you gain clarity and recognize your strengths, capacities and resources.

About Tanya

Tanya dedicates her life to creating and spreading POSITIVITY because there are far more GOOD things and GOOD people in the world than bad.

Read her story of how sensational headlines and embellished facts put her on this path of positivity and practicing mindfulness through the Law of Attraction.


Tanya is passionate about helping people make peace with their stress and live a life full of positivity and purpose. She is available for speaking opportunities for audiences wanting to learn mindfulness practices and law of attraction techniques to empower their lives in a meaningful way.


Radio Shows


Is Our Soul Infinite?

Each of us holds a belief about our existence that was likely instilled to us by our family, our teachers, and our environment. Do you believe your soul is infinite? Whatever you believe, you’ll love listening to astrologer and psychic, Holly Hall, who joined me in the studio for a chat about souls! Please like […]

Building a Foundation for Co-Housing

Defining and designing a co-housing concept takes time and a lot of research, not to mention the fragile equation of finding the right people to live together. On this episode of The Good News Only radio show, you’ll learn how the inception of an idea has evolved into a co-living project that will explore and […]

The Kindness Diaries

Take a Kindness Journey

Would you take a trip with no money, no food, no accommodations, no gas… just having pure faith that the kindness of humanity would pave your way?! On this episode of The Good News Only radio show, you’ll meet Leon Logothetis who believes in the kindness of humanity so much he decided to produce a […]

5 Steps to Thriving on Adversity

Peter Wright: Thriving on Adversity

Peter Wright is thankful to have lived through a time in history when most of his vocational colleagues were murdered. He is now settled in Canada, living the autumn of his life as The Adversity Coach. On this week’s episode of The Good News Only radio show, Peter shares the 5 practical steps he wrote […]

Positive Ponders

Tanya MacIntyre's Positive Ponder

What Could Make You Happier?

You hear a lot these days about the power of self-love to really make us happy. And I couldn’t agree more. But I think there’s a piece missing here. We get tremendous pleasure from loving and helping others, even in the smallest of ways. Watch this video to find out how a day of snow […]


A Positive Ponder on Aging – It’s Time to Embrace your Age

Are you tired of always hearing that “Youth is Great” mantra? I think Aging is Great! Aging is a privilege. Watch this video to find out how a 30-year-old TV show can help you Embrace your Age!     Want to be reminded of all the LOVE in the world? Like my Facebook Page here […]