Tanya MacIntyre

Your Mindfulness Mentor

Mindfulness Coaching / Law of Attraction

Make Peace with Your Stress

Do you struggle with stress and/or anxiety and are looking for better ways to manage and improve your resiliency?

Whether you’re looking for work/life balance or navigating a major life transition, my Mindfulness Mentorship Program will help you gain clarity and recognize your strengths, capacities and resources.

About Tanya

Tanya dedicates her life to creating and spreading POSITIVITY because there are far more GOOD things and GOOD people in the world than bad.

Read her story of how sensational headlines and embellished facts put her on this path of positivity and practicing mindfulness through the Law of Attraction.


Tanya is passionate about helping people make peace with their stress and live a life full of positivity and purpose. She is available for speaking opportunities for audiences wanting to learn mindfulness practices and law of attraction techniques to empower their lives in a meaningful way.


Radio Shows

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Peace by Chocolate

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Steph Van De Ven

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Positive Ponders

Dealing with Doubt (aka the FUD Factor)

Dealing with Doubt (aka the FUD Factor)

Do you have feelings of fear, uncertainty, and/or doubt? In Episode #1 of my Positive Ponder show I share the FUD Factor as to why this is happening.     Want to participate in the LIVE Positive Ponder Shows on Facebook? Like my page here and be a part of the discussion every Wednesday at […]

Dealing with Negative Emotions

Dealing With Negative Emotions

In this Positive Ponder broadcast, I share 10 top tips for processing those nasty negative emotions.